1. Give the value of -1 to the high cards (from 10 to A), +1 to the low cards (from 2 to 6) and 0 to the rest.
  2. Start counting after the deal giving the value to each card that comes out of the deck.
  3. When the account you carry is positive after each trick, it means that the cards still dealt in the deck contain more high cards, it is time to bet more money.
  4. When the account you carry is negative after each trick, it means that the cards still to be dealt in the deck contain more low cards, then bet less money.


No previous experience is required to use the winbetthai blackjack calculator, and you will only need to learn a mathematical technique that will give you an added advantage against the online or in-person casino when you play blackjack at

There is a mistaken belief that card counters of any system memorize each and every one of the cards that are played. As you will see now, this is not true. In fact, card counting is a technique that anyone with medium intelligence can easily learn. In addition, you can start doing it with the help of this coach.


Card counting is a technique that allows blackjack players to know at what point in the game the advantage is in their favour. When this happens, card simulators increase the size of your bets. If the advantage is on the dealer’s side, the accountants place minor bets or simply do not bet. In this way, the player gets a positive advantage against the casino.


Once the dealer has shuffled all the cards, the deck will contain the same amount of high and low cards.

For example, if more low than high cards has been played in the first hands, the deck will contain a higher concentration of high cards pending distribution. When this occurs, card counters increase their bets, as they are more likely to receive a 21 (with a 3 to 2 payment) and win.

In addition, if the dealer shows a low card, he will be very likely to pass by asking for additional cards. But if the deck contains a higher concentration of low cards, the beneficiary will be the dealer. According to the rules of the casinos, the dealer must always ask if he has 16 or fewer points, and excessive concentration of low cards increases his chances of getting between 17 and 21 points and decreases his chances of passing.


  • In your first practices, select the “One Deck” mode, choose the “Slow” speed and select between 10 and 15 seconds to confirm the counter value. Your first goal is to learn to count correctly, not to do it quickly.
  • Once you have achieved 100% successes in your count at slow speed, increase it gradually. Do not be surprised if you make mistakes since the speed at which the cards appear and disappear on your screen will be much higher. Again, once you get 100%, keep increasing the speed and repeat the process until you are able to achieve it at maximum speed. Remember that you have the option to practice with six decks, so you must also enter this value as you improve.
  • As your effectiveness increases, start cancelling a high card (-1) with a low card (+1) in each round and avoid unnecessary calculations. This way, you will increase your counting speed and save time and effort.