How To Win At Casino Machines

Also called slot, lever or roller machines, 1bet2uthai casino machines have always been the source of hope for many people who wait for their lucky break, in addition, for many people, the slot machines are a source of fun in which In the least expected moment, luck will fall, which will result in some extra bucks to go to eat or buy some nonsense leaving the casino at

Then come two important questions: where is where to bet online and most importantly, how to win at casino machines? Because nobody became a millionaire with these slots, but at least a figure of 3 zeros can make you the day playing with these little machines.

For example, you played $ 200 bucks and earned $ 1,100.00 in fifteen minutes that sounds like a good business, extra money to go do anything. And that’s how it happened last Friday when I tested my theory of how to win at casino machines.

A simple theory, which is based on common sense and observation, a theory that sounds so logical, that my brother wants to attribute his authorship, but no sir, that idea was mine, pure observation of when I spent two hours looking at my Granny play in a hotel-casino when we went on vacation.

My theory is not based on luck, and rather it is on probability and mathematics; Although good, we must also remember that casinos never lose, that is their motto “the house always wins”, so belittling the luck factor can be a serious mistake. However, many people have made a career in this to go to the casinos to win; Moreover, doing my article on How to win at casino machines, I found a lot of information and videos from users who have found their luck in the probability of beating the house.

And it is very, very easy to do it, although of course, you have to remember the limits of the bets; Because they are finally bets of the world of chance, I understand that your limit is $ 1,000 or $ 5,000 or $ 10,000, depending on your economy, you will know when you have to stop without losing. Because the house always wins.