How to Win in Roulette: Strategies, Tips and Tricks

The question of the million dollars that we have all asked ourselves once when we enter a live casino or play from the comfort of home or from our mobile devices in an คาสิโนสด: is there a trick to win at home? .. And among the games that make up the offer of any casino in the world or the internet, roulette is the star game. So the question we would like to answer is … How to win at roulette? Can we talk about tricks to win at roulette?

But back to the systems of how to beat roulette or the “tricks to win at roulette” that can be carried out to try to win at roulette: The truth is that there have been many players throughout history who believed they had the formula for success to win roulette. Most of the systems used were based on physical issues, that is, analyzing the shape and possible failures in the manufacture of the tables, the turntable and the balls.


They are perhaps the most important tricks to win at roulette if we can call them that. And they are based on risking a number of chips according to the chances of winning and the total money we have to play. In this context, apart from controlling a lot the amount we bet on each roll, we will analyze the possibility of maintaining the bets we made in the previous round or instead vary them, either progressively negative (we bet less than the previous roll ) or progressively positive (we bet more).


Among these roulette tricks, strategy systems mostly seek to cover enough numbers and do it on a regular basis เว็บคาสิโนสด. For example, we have the “two dozenas” system in which we choose two dozen and thus cover 24 of the 37 numbers. Many people bet 1 unit on each of those two dozen and in case of not leaving, we would bet three units on each dozen, tripling the bet if we lose again.

Among these systems of tricks for roulette, we also find similar systems of how to always win at roulette that combines column as colour or as even / odd or missing/passing. The idea is to cover many numbers through bets. For example, the system “columns and color” in which we bet the first and third columns and black. Thus we cover 32 of the 37 numbers of roulette. The idea is to bet two units on the colour and one unit on each column. The long-term win comes from the times we win both bets.

With these bonuses, it is much easier to manage any type of strategy, and it is also money that we have not risked, so we can use it to get benefits in roulette. Why? Because entering € 100 for example and you will play with € 200 … What better trick to win at roulette than to have free money?

As always, we remind you that you have to play in moderation and that we believe that roulette or any casino game ( online slots or slots,  blackjack, roulette or live roulette) should be considered as a recreational activity and in which Let’s have a good time, never a way of life or let it become an obsession.